As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and your wedding day is no different! So here are 10 things you should definitely practise before your big day to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible and to avoid disappointing or awkward moments!

1. Your first dance

Your first dance can be quite nerve-wracking, especially if you have “two left feet”. Practising your dance should give your greater confidence and one less thing to worry about on the day. Ideally you should practise in your wedding shoes or at least a pair that are similar in height.  You can practise simply by having a go in your living room with your partner. Get used to dancing to your song together and enjoy getting to know your song well – you could even make up a few moves of your own! Alternatively, if time and budget permit, you could take a few dance lessons with a professional teacher and perhaps learn a choreographed routine. Either way, make sure you are practising to the same version of your song that is being played on your big day!

2. your Wedding vows

Be sure to practise reading your vows aloud a few times. Chances are you’ll have butterflies in your stomach on your wedding day and the last thing you want is to be stuttering nervously. Practise your vows in a steady and slow pace until you feel comfortable and familiar with the words.

3. Your wedding speech

Same goes for any speeches you (or your fiancé) may want to give. Even if you’re a confident public speaker, it’s wise to jot down some notes to make sure you don’t forget to thank those involved in making your day special. You might also want to practise your speech in front of one of your bridesmaids to get comfortable speaking to an audience.

4. Walking down the aisle

A wedding ceremony rehearsal can be really helpful, especially if you have a large bridal party. Bridesmaids can practise where to walk, where to stand, and get their pace right (so many bridesmaids either walk too slow or race down the aisle). Of course, you will also get the chance to practise walking down the aisle with your father or loved one!  A ceremony rehearsal will hopefully alleviate some of your nerves and make you feel more comfortable when your big day arrives. Remember, not everyone is needed at your rehearsal – just your bridal party, parents and flower girl/page boy.

5. Walking in your wedding shoes

Don’t let your wedding day be the first day you wear your shoes! Beautiful as they may be, you definitely won’t want to wear them throughout your wedding day before having the chance to break them in. We suggest wearing your shoes around the house a few times leading up to the wedding – you could simply walk around your living room, maybe do some vacuuming or even practise your wedding dance! Your feet will thank you on your big day.

6. Tying his tie/bow tie

To avoid any last minute wardrobe malfunctions, make sure your fiancé  practises and perfects tying his tie or bow tie before the big day. Depending on their outfits, the groomsmen should get involved in this session too, or at the very least for moral support!

7. Your first kiss

This one might sound silly since you’ve kissed your fiancé a thousand times but there are few kisses more significant or meaningful than your first as a married couple, so you don’t want to mess it up!  Most importantly though, be natural, go with the flow, and enjoy the moment. Just remember to kiss for long enough to ensure the photographer gets a great shot!

8. YOUR Hair and Makeup

A hair and makeup trial is an absolute must for any bride to be. This is your chance to show your artist pictures and inspiration of your dream look and to work with your artist to achieve perfection! Whether you want looser curls or beachier waves, if it’s the wrong shade of lipstick or your eye makeup is too heavy – this is your chance to speak up if you’re not 100% happy! We suggest having your hair and makeup trial after you’ve chosen your wedding dress, as this could influence your choice of hairstyle and makeup.

9. bustling your dress

Bustling a wedding dress can sometimes be tricky, especially if pressed for time! Be sure to take your mum and/or maid of honour to your final dress fitting so they can see how it’s done and to practice a few times with the seamstress.

10. Getting out of conversations gracefully

Your guests are there to share your special day with you and naturally you will find that everyone wants to congratulate you at some point. Of course, it’s important to spend some face-to-face time with your guests, but to get around to everyone, you will need to keep the conversation short and sweet.  You also don’t want this to take up your whole night and you should leave some time to soak it all up with your new husband!  We suggest taking a moment before your big day to think up a few phrases that express your thanks and appreciation as well as a courteous parting statement which helps you move on to the next table. For example, “I’ll leave you to enjoy your meal” or “thanks again for coming”.

3 MAY 2017